*Cookiie; Somewhat Big Haul Post (part 2)

Hey guys! Today I don't really have much homework to do, so I decided to take the time to post again. A while ago, I posted a haul post and said that there was going to be a part 2. Now, I've received the rest of the the haul for quite some time already, but I just didn't have the chance to post about it. Sorry for the long wait, but here it is~

Two packages from Sasa.com!

As you can see, the products were safely packed.

Some handy tools: False Eyelash Applicator, Mascara Guard and KQ Series Cleansing Brush from Kai. I haven't tried the Mascara Guard yet, but the False Eyelash Applicator is pretty nice! You can easily attach the falsies close to your real lashes with this applicator. The Cleansing Brush is okay, it's an alternative of scrubbing your face with a scrub. If anyone is interested in this product, I can make a post to tell you more about it. :)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ and Kose Point Makeup Remover.

I've tried the sunblock since Milk gave me a sample of it once and I really liked it. I also tried one from Lioele and I liked that one better, but it will take a while before I'm done using this one. The Point Makeup Remover is great! I use it for when I make mistakes while applying eye make up and so far it has done its job well.

Aaand I bought some cotton sticks because I thought the packaging was handy. The headband was actually a promotional gift from Sasa. The more you order there, the better the gifts are. I'm trying to become VIP, but it's so much money lol.

Second package! What could it be?

Yay, my first circle lenses! These are the Geo Angel Brown. The bubble wrap wasn't stuck together with tape but was actually sealed with a machine (I think). Really nice! I love it when packages are packed so neatly.


You get a free lense case and there's also a little instructions book included. I bought these at HoneyColor.com for US$22.45 (with discount) and they arrived quite fast. I want to try ordering at Ulzzang Style since they offer authentic circle lenses for even cheaper. If anyone still want to try HoneyColor.com, then don't forget to use the coupon code HC15DSC for a small discount!

Two shots of the circle lenses; one shows off the colour more and the other one the print.

And finally, I bought these two products on the forums Soompi.com. Even though it did arrive and it was a lot cheaper to get these two products from that seller, I didn't really like how the seller didn't bother at all to keep me updated. I don't recommend buying stuff at Soompi, unless you're willing to take risks like me.

And there you have it, my big haul~ I won't be buying that much anymore for a while, since I'm saving money for a trip to.. London! Both Milk and I will be going with two other friends of us right after Christmas, so there probably will be some more hauling posts after that again. xD

Just to remind you guys, there are about 3 weeks left to email us your entry for our giveaway. So far we have 14 entries (Thank you guys, we appreciate it a lot!! ♥) and they are all quite detailed! I'm excited whenever I see a new entry, so please keep them coming~ ^^

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