*M&C Go Dutch - Full Circle by Label54 @ Jimmy Woo

Two weeks ago, Milk and I went to the club Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam for an exclusive fashion event organized by Label54. Only the first 250 were allowed to get in for the fashion show, so we we made sure we came on time. It was actually our first time in Jimmy Woo, which made it extra exciting for us haha.

After waiting for quite a bit outside good thing the weather was nice!, we finally got in. Ordered some drinks, sat down and waited for the show to start. At first we expected it to be a tight schedule with a fashion show right at the beginning, but it was actually more of a party with a little event in between. Nevertheless, it was really fun to see the fashion show, not to mention that the hors d'oeuves that they were serving the VIP guests were pretty good! I didn't make any pictures because of the little lighting, sorry.

Sitting and chatting there for about an hour, the show preperations were all finished and we were asked to go downstairs. I managed to get some footage of the show that I edited and uploaded on YouTube, so I'll keep this post short for a change and let you guys see the event for yourself. :D

We'll be making more posts about places/events to be in Holland in the future, so please look forward to them if you liked this post.

Milk didn't want to be on the picture, so a solo shot for Cookiie.

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