Tag; 6 things that make me happy

Got tagged by Fuyumini a few days back to list 6 things that makes us happy. So we each made our own little list.


1. Family
I know, I know. Cliche isn't it? But what can I say? I'm lucky to have such a nice family.

2. Friends
Even though I don't have many friends, but I'd like to thank those who have stuck by my side throughout the years. And of course, the people I have met through forums, blogging and etc. Just talking to them makes me happy.

3. Photography
A hobby which I have developed a few years back. Even though I am not professional at all, but the satisfaction I get from it is great.

4. Children
Guh. I love kids. Not in a creepy kind of way but kids just make me smile. Ok, there are some exeptions some kids are plain evil but I love how they can't hide their feelings. When they feel happy they laugh, when they are angry they... are creepy. :D

5. Materialistic things
I'm a material girl living in a material world ok? It's not a crime. :P

6. Asian entertainment
This includes dramas, variety shows and music. I adore watching Japanese and Korean dramas and their variety shows are so funny!


1. Friends
This is probably the most cliché one out of the bunch, but my friends do make me happy all the time. Whenever I’m down or stressed, I’d usually feel more comfortable too telling it to my friends than to my siblings/family (Maybe because I only have brothers? Haha, I don’t know).

2. Singing/Music
I love, love, love music! We used to have a (very old school) karaoke machine at home when I haven’t even started talking yet, but somehow I always managed to eat the microphones, haha. My family never expected me or believed in me that I could sing, but somehow it kept my heart itching. Finally, I decided to take singing lessons, and never stopped doing it since. ♥

3. Baking
Baking is so much fun! I don’t do it much because I’m lazy, but baking really brighten up my mood. I think I’m best in baking brownies and chocolate chip cookies? Haha, I’m actually not that skilled. ^^;

4. Photography
I always feel like I need to capture all the beautiful views and stuff that I see, so I have a camera with me almost all the time. Snapping good pictures would give me a good feeling and I don’t know, it makes me feel creative? Haha..

5. Travel
Japan! Korea! America! There are so many places that I wish to go someday and somehow I really like planning trips too. Sometimes it’s almost as if I love that more than the actual trip, haha. I actually don’t really mind the destination, as long as I can survive out there and do interesting stuff/meet interesting people.

6. Pretty things
And by ‘things’ I also mean pretty men...kidding.Pretty clothes, shoes, bags, etc. I don’t deny the fact that I’m quite materialistic, but I do try to only buy stuff where I can find good reasons for. I don’t collect stuff just for collecting, but they need to be things that I will actually use/play with/etc.

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