*cookiie; can you guess what it is?

Yes, we finally got them brushes! Thank you Kristie/kuri♥ayu so SO much for taking so much trouble for us to send them.

Call me weird, but I was basically spazzing when I saw this package and read "Brushes" on the description. xD

The brushes, still packed and sealed. I've got to say it was quite hard to take off the plastic wrap around it, but at least that means it was nicely protected. ♥

My brush set free! It is sooo soft and fluffy (Deja vu, anyone? Haha..).

I already used it once and so far I'm loving it (We will do a review for it later ^^). Kristie was so sweet that she also gave us a few samples, because we didn't get any from our order. We had to order through Amazon.com, because Sephora's website didn't accept international orders at all (even though when it's sent to someone in the States). :(

Just to let you guys know, I'm not sure if I'll be updating for these coming 2 weeks. I'll be having exams and I need to turn in some essays too. But! When I'm back, I'll be posting part 2 of my big haul and I think I will finally do some review posts again.
—And oh yeah, Happy Halloween !!! ♥

PS: Blovet Beauty is having her 100th followers (congratulations~) giveaway at the moment. She's spoiling her followers with a lot of nice items, so check it out if you're interested. ^^

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