Life Through Instagram #5

Ella's italian dinner @ Mazzo, Amsterdam Afternoon tea, the Greek way Tiffany's hair donation back in December as a birthday good deed Shameless selca, wearing the Korres lipbalm from this post Tiffany's cute dinner with her cousin (Many dinners with cousins this month, yay!) Tiffany's night out @ Escape, Amsterdam Afternoon tea, the British way Pai Combination Skin Cream Tiffany after being at Holi Festival @ Amsterdam ArenA

We definitely slowed down with putting things up on Instagram, so hence the two old pictures between the new ones. I am not sure whether I should review the Pai moisturizer so I thought mentioning it here in case anyone is interested in one. Let me know if you want a review of it! Ever since I cut off like 23 centimeters of my hair for donation, my hair grew pretty fast. I should definitely do a before and after comparison soon haha. Other than that, the usual eating and I have been going out more often now. I guess that's what having housemates and summer holiday does to me. Really need to watch out with the calories. Anyhow, it was a great month. Hope you had a great one too!


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