Life Through Instagram #4

Shin Ramyun, the best instant noodles everr Street musicians in Amsterdam Enjoying the rare great weather at a park in Amsterdam Sunset after dinner Ella's french pharmacy haul Yukgaejang goodness Ella's 'healthy' food haul Sushi dinner Tiffany's birthday accessories tree

It's totally obvious that we have a big love for Korean food or food in general. My accessories tree is so cool, it has like a bunny, birds and a plane on it- my rings collection totally makes sense now haha. The coming week will be my last stress period before summer holiday, because I'll be handing in my last paper of this academic year on Friday; wish me luck! In the meantime, hope you all don't have too much school stuff left to do and can be able to enjoy the weather (it's going to be consistently warm here this week, lovely for my concentration! NOT) in this new month.


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