M&C Rad Readings #1

Sometimes oftentimes I am a little busy with my study or other things in real life. I might then not be able to update as frequent as I would like to, but I always try to keep up with my blog feed so that I don't get off track too much. K from Cosmeddicted always have these Weekly Reads posts that I love checking out because every now and then there are a few links up there that are interesting to read for me. Now if you check out my Tumblr you will see that I have been listing everything up there that I can use as inspiration, usually things that are fashion and DIY-related. I realized I haven't been able to list other things up there since that would just make it too random and messy (Yes I'm very anal about these kind of things, don't mind me haha~ ). And so, inspired by K I decided to list my interesting readings as well. I present you, the M&C Rad Readings nĂºmero uno:

Not Fashion Related: Blogging 101 from Wardrobe Oxygen. Some very useful tips; worth reading for the bloggers among us.

Grey Areas from Lips So Facto. Honestly, I'm really good at neglecting my skin when it's not my face's. This post definitely made me think about the rest of my skin. I should really invest some more time into taking care of that as well, but I'm afraid I'm just too lazy..

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain from Beauty Swatch. Not really a long read, but Yishan sure convinces me with her well-moisturized luscious lips that these balm stains are worth trying out.

Coffee Shop Oatmeal to Go! from A Beautiful Mess. Oatmeal. To go. And it supposedly tastes good?! This might actually awaken my never-existed oatmeal craving.

Get styled head to toe at Bubblekid from Overdose.am. An article about a cool shop we have here in Amsterdam. Never been there before, maybe something worth writing about again when I actually have.


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