*M&C Go Dutch - Queen's Day! + Another London trip

Cookiie here! Each year on April 30th, we celebrate a national holiday called Queen's Day. It's craaazy busy each year, but it's a really fun day if it doesn't get too out of hand. Here are some picture of this special day!

A "golden carriage". xD The guy who made it even offered a ride in it.

This is how crazy it can get. An actual public place that's supposedly "full".

This is what Queen's Day is about. Incredibly good Vietnamese "spring rolls" with incredibly good sauce.

My friend Iris got a lion balloon from a random girl. We also got some really nice margaritaa~

And now something beauty-related: My first NOTD! Apparantly Peachy and Orange Drops are best friends, because I'm still wearing it right now and so far it's completely chip-free. Which is very impressive for GOSH nail polishes, since they usually start to chip on me on day 1.

Milk and I are going to London this Wednesday; we're so excited to go shop there again! If you're from London and you have someplace to recommend us to, please do! We're especially curious about any hobby or craft stores. *hinthint*

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