*cookiie; five of my favourite products (short reviews)

Since I don't use/buy new products that often to actually have new favourites every month, I'll just list five of products that I currently like a lot. Coincidentally, four of the five products can be purchased at Sasa.com..maybe I should just stop ordering so much.

Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in 'BK-1'

I bought this palette when I was in Hong Kong, because I felt like I "needed" more shimmery eyeshadows. This palette is definitely shimmery and very pigmented, good to use if you are lazy like me and usually just put one colour on the lids.

Kiss Me Goodlash Power Beam Eyes Mascara

Now you know why we're giving away this mascara. This mascara does everything a mascara needs to do: it lengthens, volumizes, holds a curl and doesn't budge for a whole day. However, on bad days when you have been tearing or rubbing in your eyes, it can flake a little. Yes, it flakes rather than smearing or running, so that it won't make you look freaking scary.

Meishoku Delclear Bright & Peel Fruits Peel Peeling Jelly

This product has improved my skin condition a lot. After getting straight bangs for my 18th birthday last year, my forehead started to break out a lot and had been suffering from an endless amount of blackheads. It didn't even go away after I grew out my bangs again. This peeling gel has cleared up most of my forehead and also other areas where I tend to get pimples a lot. My skin still isn't completely flawless (which I believe it will never be), but this product certainly did help me to get a step closer to that.

Silk Whitia Masks

More specifically, the Quick Action Moisturizing Mask and the Pearl Finest Powder Moisturizing Mask. I tried the Quick Action one first on recommendation from Milk and I just thought it was a good mask, like any other good mask. I got them through Sasa.com during a BOGO special offer, so I didn't realize that these are actually quite pricey (US$16.60 for 5 sheets) and didn't batch order them at first. I didn't use them for a long time after using them up, and boy did I miss these. They are the most juiciest and moisturizing sheet masks that I have ever used, so I highly recommend anyone to try them. They're having the BOGO special offer again (hence the pile of goodness on the picture), so get them while you still can!

Laozhongyi Acne Removing Cream

After changing my skincare routine and not keeping you guys updated about it over and over again, I have not once thought of skipping this cream. It gives a really nice tingly feeling when you apply it on your skin, that will soothe and calm your skin immediatly. This is the only moisturizer that have completely gotten rid of my eczema around my nose, so I actually have to keep using it for it to stay that way. I used to have super sensitive skin (especially around my jawline) that would break out at the slightest irritation, but this really helped my skin to become more tolerant. I get this from my beautician so I have no idea where to purchase this online, but I listed this because I thought it is worth mentioning, in case some of you have more access to this brand. If you recognize this brand and know where you can purchase it (online), do let me know~

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