Anniversary contest/giveaway extended!?

Dear followers,

We're reaching the deadline for our giveaway as you're reading this, but the truth is that we haven't gotten a lot of entries yet. For this reason, we decided to extend the giveaway until the end of this month, on August 31 at midnight GMT. I noticed that there are quite some new followers, but we haven't gotten entries of all of them. Remember, you can only enter the contest by e-mailing us with your answers. For more information, please go to our giveaway post.

I want to personally thank our followers who have already sent in their entry and apologize that it's going to take a liitle bit longer. We love you a little bit more than the rest now though? ♥

As for our YouTube giveaway, we will be closing it at the planned time since it doesn't require anything complicated like a contest entry or such. So only a few more hours left to enter by simply subscribing! :)

Also, I have to once again apologize to you guys for being MIA in general, but a lot of things have happened in July. I went on vacation to Hong Kong, but had to rush back to Holland because of something that happened at home. It doesn't feel appropiate to say more than this, but I did feel somewhat responsible for an explanation to our followers. Dont worry though, things are getting better and I'm finally back! I will try my best to update more often again, I promise haha~

★ Cookiie

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