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That's it! I have decided that the next time I visit the hair salon, I will cut my hair shorter! Ok, so for most people it's nothing special, but for me it is quite a big deal since I've had long hair for the past 3~4 years. When I say long hair, I mean looong hair. The total length of my hair reaches to about my bellybutton and I have layers cut to frame my face starting from above my ear down to above my chest and the rest of the layers are kept long. I usually style the shorter layers by flipping them inwards with my straightener; this gives my hair more body and bounce.

I'm probably only going to cut about 2 inches off first so I can get used to the shorter length, then I can still decide wether I want to grow it out again or go even a bit shorter. The hairstyle that I want to get is inspired by Ebihara Yuri. Gawd, she's so gorgeous! ♥

Photos I'm going to show my hairstylist:

Basically, it's a shorter (improved) version of my current hairstyle. LOL. I will probably go get it cut once my bangs grow out a bit; I trimmed them not too long ago.

Also, I will be spending 2 weeks in Hong Kong from April 13 till April 27! :D ♥♥♥ Will be staying at my uncle's place. Hopefully my shorter hair will make my life easier since it will be impossible for me to hog the bathroom for 30 minutes to wash my hair when we're with so many people.

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