I Frequently Read Your Blog Award

It has been a while that we've received this award from a sweet blogger (that we also frequently read) that is Kristie/kuri♥ayu (Thank you once again! ♥), but we thought we should post about it anyways~

To accept this award, we also have to nominate 10 blogs that we frequently read. This was actually the easiest thing we had to do to accept an award, since we read a lot of blogs! In no particular order, here are the blogs that we probably read the most:

1. ♥akisalove♥
2. A little bit of eki
3. Cat@lina
4. Ohh...pretty! ♥
5. Shop N' Chomp
6. *Notes from the Toothfairy*
7. From Head To Toe
8. Make Me Blushhh
9. Stacieeelovesit
10. Funkiimonkee's Beauty Blog

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