*cookiie; what's that cute thing trapped in a plastic bag?

It's actually a kangaroo shaped marzipan!

The right eye and nose were crushed because I accidentally dropped it. :(

I just felt like showing you guys it 'cause I found (Yes, past tense because I already ate it :x) it so cute~ My Latin teacher gave it to all his Latin students, probably because it was Sinterklaasfeest. 'Sinterklaasfeest' is a traditional holiday in some countries that is somewhat similar to the modern Christmas. Sinterklaas is a character that is very similar to Santa Claus because it's also his birthday and he's giving all kids presents. I don't know why my teacher custom ordered kangaroos though, since it has nothing to do with Sinterklaas.

I got a haircut today and I'm having some mixed feelings about it. My hair has some more texture in it now and it's not as flat as before. However, I thought it was clear that I agreed on letting 5 cm/2 inches being cut, but somehow it turned out to be about 15 cm/6 inches. I'm feeling so naked right now.

So much shorter ~ ;A; Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's taken with Milk's phone

I'll update something beauty-related again very soon, and here's a teaser for now.

Can anyone tell what I'm going to write about with just this picture?

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