*M&C Go Dutch - Museumnacht (part 2)

The Scheepvaartmuseum or the National Maritime Museum, was absolutely beautiful. It's a shame I wasn't able to capture the lighting inside properly, because I was really amazed by it.

However, we didn't really see much of what was inside the museum because we went there to see the show by the Boom Chicago crew. They are an English improvising comedy club in Amsterdam and for that night they did a couple of 30-minutes shows at the museum. If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know that I absolutely love them and that I am highly recommending anyone to check them out when you are in Amsterdam.

The Museum het Rembrandthuis is one of the houses the famous painter Rembrandt once lived in. I actually really liked it and wished I could have gotten a proper tour there, but our main activity there was to take light etching pictures. Turned out pretty cool right?

The event started at 7 PM and ended at 2 AM, so we obviously snacked a bit. The macarons were from the Rembrandt House and the burger was actually a seaweed burger from the Science Center NEMO. They actually ran out of burgers but they gave us buns with the topping which was pretty darn good already.

Our last stop was at the Waag Society, which the organization describes as an institute for art, science and technology. They collaborated with the International Spring Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics for a €1 art exhibition. You basically pick the pieces you like from the exhibition and they would print it out and put a stamp on it to legitimize it as art I guess. I am not too sure if I would want some pieces for myself, but I got a few for a friend.

The map of DOOM! We literally walked the full seven hours and yet we couldn't finish it. It wasn't bad though, we ended at H so we got pretty far hehehe.

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