*cookiie; A question & giveaways

Even though it's not the most famous brush out there, the Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55 is still quite known for its great quality. Both me and Milk have been desperately looking for it for quite a while, but with no luck. We can't order it through the website because they don't ship it to Holland and basically no one else that does ship to here sells it.

So what about regular stores? We have looked in about 3-4 Sephora "stores" (they are more like corners in a bigger and known store here) in Holland and none of them sell this brush. I also asked my brothers (and their girlfriends) to look for me when they went on vacation to Spain and France, but not even the shop assistants knew about this brush. So I was just wondering, is it only available in the U.S. and Canada? Or do you know a place where to order it?

And now some giveaways!

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