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Hey everyone ~ Both me (Cookiie) and Milk are back to school, so we're sorry if we're going to be less active sometimes when we're having too much work for school. However, we recently received an award from Jae (Thank you so much!! ♥) that goes with a meme, so we decided to do this meme as soon as we can. So yeah..Here it is!

Rules of Acceptance:
— Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
— Nominate 7 other blogs.
— Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.


1. I am not exactly a perfectionist. but I can be very slightly OCD about certain things.
2. Even though I might seem like I am a very patient person, but it's not exactly true. I just hide it well.
3. I don't stay mad or unhappy for too long.
4. One of the things I am best at doing is procrastinate.
5. I work well under (time) pressure. Quite handy when you're a procrastinator.
6. I get very, very easily attached to people/objects.
7. Expressing feelings is something that I am really bad at. I'm really awkward. lol.


1. I'm a true germafobe. I used to have quite some acne and I always suspected that the main cause was that I had dirt on my face. Slowly but surely, Dettol became my best friend.
2. Despite having lots of interests in things and being quite a dreamer of achieving goals, I'm lazy as hell. Sometimes I get really guilty over this..
3. I can't clean for life. Well, I'm not bad at it, but I just make it messy all over again after I've just cleaned.
4. During work (I work at a fast food/chinese takeaway store), I can multi-task quite a bit when a lot of orders are coming in. However, on personal matters, I tend to forget to do things a lot.
5. Sometimes I think I'm too weak nice. I don't get mad a lot, so not many people are afraid of me and they can be tempted to tease me more often. D<
6. Some people say that I have a deadly glare and I sort of have an "eff-off" aura around me, but most of the time it was unintentional. One friend of mine said that this is why I don't have a boyfriend, haha...
7. I'm actually REALLY shy when I meet new people and my face will stiffen. Whenever I try to hide my shyness, I seem to appear really uninterested. Maybe that's what my "eff-off" aura is?

And now our 7 nominations! We want to know more about these lovely bloggers:
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And as you can see on the left sidebar, we've also recently received the Adorable Blog award, so I'd like to say thank you again to Fuyumini for nominating us! ♥

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