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Just a short review about Brush Guards, since I haven't seen much about it by others. I got these at CoastalScents.com along with the brushes because it was a bit cheaper for me to buy it there than at the official website TheBrushGuard.com.

If you haven't heard about them yet, this is a short description that's mentioned on the official selling website:
The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:
* While drying—bristles dry in perfect shape
* In use—handle stays clean and grips better
* In storage—no snags or squashing
* On the move—perfect packing

First impressions.

When they have just arrived, I was really excited to try them out. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't hear much about them except for some people who introduced them and showed what it actually does for brushes. They seemed to promise a lot, so I was really curious about it. The package arrived with a piece of paper where you can sort of see what kind of brushes fit what kind of sizes that the Brush Guard have, quite handy right?

After trying them on my brushes, it seemed that some of them fitted pretty neatly, but my Taklon Flat Liner Concealer brush (supposedly to fit on a 'Shadow' tube, which is the smallest size they have) didn't seem to get any protection at all, as the tube couldn't touch the bristles at all when you put it on.

Also, even though the tubes fit quite neatly sometimes, the tubes still seem to be able to move around on their own when you store the brushes together. When the tube slides from the bristles to the handle, bristles can get in between the holes of the tube, which ends up causing fly-aways. This isn't a big deal as you can fix that with the tube itself, because it usually can shape your brushes perfectly again when you use the right tubes. But then again, you shouldn't need to fix things with a product that had caused the problem in the first place.

What made me curious the most about these Brush Guards is that it claims to dry your bristles in perfect shape. This is indeed true, but you'd at least need to wait a day or two for bigger brushes to dry. I don't find that very convenient, as there isn't such a big difference in the shape when I just let them dry normally for a few hours.

The last thing that it's supposed to do, is that you can slide it to your handle to prevent dirt and to get a better grip. I didn't really care much for this, as I have no problem cleaning the handles or no desire to have better grip on my brushes. I still tried it out and to be honest, I didn't really like how it feels when I hold a brush with it. Therefore, I won't be using it like that unless I'll have trouble holding a brush in the future.

The verdict.

Hmm..I'm not too impressed, but they're not bad. I do feel like it's more protected if it has a snug fit, but it doesn't seem like there are enough sizes that fit all brushes. Hopefully, there will be more sizes later with an improved design of it.

Rating: 3/5

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