*Milk; storage solutions (quick tip)

So we all know that Ikea is a great place to look for cheap (Yay!!) home decoration items, including handy storage solutions. Cookiie likes to make fun of my storage fetish. I have a big thing for boxes, baskets, tins, jars and other storage related items. (I admit that it can be quite creepy. )

Long story short, I found these plastic containers which are perfect for storing make up! You can find them on the Ikea website here.

The great thing is that you can decide how you want to divide the container.

Let's take a moment and admire it in all it's containery glory.

Those grooves are for the plastic dividers which are included.

And tada! All neatly organized!

The only bad thing is that most lipsticks do not fit into the container vertically. Shorter lipsticks like the NYX round lipsticks are okay though.

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