First post; welcome!

After reading several beauty blogs and watching numerious videos on youtube, we have decided to start our own blog. This blog will feature product reviews as well as tips and tricks that might help you discover what kind of products works for you. We are by no means professionals, but just two girls who like to discover products which can help enhance your best features.

In case you're wondering, our blog name is based on the fact that we both have different skintones. Tiffany, (Cookiie) has slightly tanned Asian skin whereas Ella, (Milk) is very pale. These nicknames have also been our online screennames for many years and we thought that it would be very appropriate to use as our blog name.

This also means that the products we use and discuss on this blog will be suitable for readers with different skintones and skintypes. For more in depth information about our skin, please go to our skincare posts.

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