*cookiie; coastal scents brushes (review)

Today I'm going to review a few brushes I recently purchased at CoastalScents.com.

I have to confess that I'm quite a rookie when it comes to applying make up, especially application with brushes. These brushes are my first and I picked these because of the price and the good quality that others claim about it. So, are they really that nice?

The brushes.

Taklon Flat Liner Concealer: I use this brush for lining my eyes. I first thought that this brush was angled because of the picture they use on their website, but it's not. It's actually just a flat one (Looking back at the name, duh), which makes me think that lining your eyes with it would be less convenient. It's still fine though; even a rookie like me could do a decent line with it after a few times practising. It's stiff enough to make nice lines with it, but it definitely doesn't scratch or irritate my skin. Also, there is no bleeding or shedding if I use/wash it.

Synthetic Shadow Brush: I can't say much about how well it applies, since I don't have other brushes to compare with. According to the description on the website, it says: "This has just the right amount of firmness for applying those gorgeous shadow pigments." And I guess that's true. I've tried it on some real cheap eyeshadow that hardly shows colours if you apply it on your skin, but it still does a pretty good job. It bled a little when I washed it (The fibers weren't as black as it was at first), but I haven't experienced any shedding at all.

Synthetic Concealer Shading Brush: I haven't tried this with concealer yet, but it will probably do the job. I used this to do eyeshadow on large areas and it's about the same as the shadow brush, it's only a bit bigger by width. The same with bleeding and no shedding.

Synthetic Deluxe Crease Brush: This brush is used for blending and of course for applying on the crease, but I think it's a little bit too soft for precise application. Once again, a little bit of bleeding but no shedding.

Synthetic Buffer Brush Large: I use this brush mainly for applying liquid foundation, but it can also be used to apply bronzer or any powder products. I think it gives you a quite nice somewhat airbrushed look. My only complaint about it is that it's not dense enough, so a lot of product will go to waste and get deeper into the fibers (which also means that cleaning the brush would be more troublesome). It shed a little while applying/washing and it also bled a little since the ends of the fibers are now white/greyish, while it used to be completely black.

The verdict.

These brushes are all pretty good while they're really cheap. They're definitely worth trying if you're a beginner like me, but I think more experienced people will also enjoy these.

Rating: 4/5

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