*Cookiie; Me, myself and iPhone

This picture was taken in Brussels, where I found out that they sell macarons at the McDonalds for 95 cents each. This was also the last picture I took for our Instagram, because just a few days later my iPhone was stolen. Yes, and that's mainly the reason why I have been off the social media platforms lately and will continue to be on a hiatus until I figure out what new phone I want to get; a new iPhone or maybe just hop on the Android-wagon after all (I'm still having a lot of doubts, so any phone suggestions are welcome ).

Aside from this, I think I can safely say that for both of us, we have been struggling to think up of what posts to write which resulted to not posting much at all. And then there is still so much going on in our real lives that we probably just haven't taken much time apart for the blog. We have thought about scheduling our posts, but that is just something we need to discuss properly about first since we are maintaining this blog together.

However, I do have short periods of time where I am completely free of any obligations (like right now, since exam period just ended) so I will be trying to write as much as I can (and want) until I am all busy again with university and other stuff. And I am happy to say that I do have some ideas of what to post for the time being.

There is an anti-acne post series that I wanna write because I have so many people around me asking for skin advice, especially about acne. I figured I should just write down everything I know about skin and acne and whatever helped me to get rid of my own. After all, it's a lot easier to figure out how you can help your own skin when you know everything about it instead of just little pieces of advice and tips that you usually get when people are trying to give you some advice. I know that a lot of people that have acne problems usually just don't understand what's causing it and that can be very frustrating, so hopefully this little series will be useful.

This blog has been mainly focused on beauty-related things since the beginning, but we have always occasionally strayed to other kind of categories and we do plan on doing that more in the future. There is a little bit of fashion, lifestyle and M&C Go Dutch, but I actually plan on writing about food recipes that I like since I have been cooking a lot more ever since I got into my university life. And if you do follow us on Twitter/Instagram, you probably can already tell that we're kiiinda crazy about food; so I guess it's a bit strange that we never actually write about it. Basically, we just want to stop restricting ourselves to beauty because there's so much more cool stuff to share with you.

That's all for this little update, I'll go back to finishing my Gossip Girl marathon since I haven't been able to watch it all for a long time. Perhaps it's the lack of using other kinds of sources to keep track of my own life online, but blogging about what has been going on with me feels comforting in some way. I do hope I can go back on Instagram and Twitter again like how normal people do soon, but for now I shall end this post with my last (at least for now) Instagram picture of me:


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