*Milk; Updated skincare routine & (very) short reviews

Morning & evening routine

1. HABA — G-Lotion
2. SkinCeuticals — Hydrating B5 Gel
3. Dr. Wu — 'VC Skincare' Intensive Whitening Serum with AA2G
4. Origins — 'Youthtopia' Firming eyecream with Rhodiola
5. Ole Henriksen — 'Express the truth' Wrinkle resistance creme

Cleansing routine

1. Clinique — 'Take the day off' Makeup remover
2. Fancl — Mild Cleansing Oil
3. Korres - 'White Tea' Fluid cleanser


Sun protectant: Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse
Exfolliant: Origins Modern Friction
Spot treatment: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

1. HABA 'G-Lotion' A hydrating and skin refining lotion. Contains hyaluronic acid and Sasa Kurilensis Water; a natural mineral essence with anti-septic properties. Helps my pores looking tight and refined, but does not feel as hydrating as it claims to be.
2. SkinCeuticals 'Hydrating B5 Gel' Contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to help moisturize and repair the skin. Great for dry, sensitive skin, but also for oily skin types because it gives great hydration without any greasy or oily feeling. Very comparible to the Peter Thomas Roth 'Viz-1000' serum.
3. Dr. Wu 'VC Skincare' Intensive Whitening Serum with AA2G Claims to regulate melanin production of the skin which in terms help to lighten existing sunspots and preventing the formation of new ones. Very light and quickly absorbed. Has significantly lightened my freckles, but effects are less drastic once used for a longer period of time.
4. Origins 'Youthtopia' Firming eyecream with Rhodiola Gives a temporary 'lifting' effect of the undereye area. Has a very creamy texture; great for night time, but does not make a good base for concealer.
5. Ole Henriksen — 'Express the truth' Wrinkle resistance creme Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, but does not hydrate my skin very well during the winter time. Has an odd orange and babypowder scent which reminds me of the vitamin supplements I used to take as a child.

1. Institut Esthederm 'Photo Reverse' An anti-spot sunscreen which helps to reverse sun damage such as hyperpigmentation. It does not have your regular 'SPF', rather, it helps to strengthen the skin's natural defense against UV rays.
2. The Body Shop 'Tea Tree Oil' Great natural spot treatment. Tea tree oil has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties which can help clear existing blemishes without drying out the skin.
3. Fancl 'Mild Cleansing Oil' Fantastic product for removing waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Melts everything off without vigorously rubbing the eye area.
4. Clinique 'Take the day off' A slightly cheaper alternative to the Lancome 'Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. Mostly used to correct mistakes and touch-ups.
5. Origins 'Modern Friction' The exfolliating particles are not entirely round. Contains rice starch to remove dead skin cells along with other skin illuminating ingredients such as lemon oil. Although it foams up quite nicely, I still prefer artificial exfoliating beads.
6. Korres 'White Tea' Fluid cleanser A gentle facial cleanser with a soothing scent of white tea. Smells fantastic, but isn't anything out of the ordinary. Does not cleanse very well, but is ok paired with the Fancl 'Mild Cleansing Oil'.

Blemish control:
Overall rating:

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