*Cookiie; Weekend Roadtrip to Paris (part 2)

Moving on to part two!

It is highly recommended to go to Paris when you're below 25 years old, because you will be able to benefit from many discounts and special offers. Aside from making use of the discount weekend day tickets, I also was able to get into the Louvre Museum for free (There are more places with free entry, such as the Arc de Triomphe that I mentioned in the previous post). This building is massive and so beautiful, you can literally walk around and keep seeing new art pieces forever.

Our next stop was at the metro station Hôtel de Ville. After some research online I found a few thrift stores located near each other here, making it a convenient location to check out some thrift stores. Vintage Bar was rather disappointing because I expected to find nice vintage accessories here, but pretty much everything looked new and tacky.. Or maybe I just didn't have the sharp eyes to see the good stuff around the bad? They do have nice second-hand Chanel bags so maybe the store is worth visiting anyways if you're interested in buying a "discounted" Chanel.

The only thrift store that I find worthy of mentioning is this store called Free 'P' Star. I know in the States it's quite easy to find $3-something second-hand Levi's shorts, but in Holland it's pretty much €15-19 everywhere. So when I saw these Levi's shorts for €5 and vintage denim jackets for €10 (It was from Lee too, so not bad at all), I took my chance and bought both of them.

Last stop at China Town! I was pretty amused because it really felt like I was somewhere in Asia. Even the McDonald's sign was in Chinese!

Ironically enough, we didn't go for Chinese food because we knew that there was this immensely popular place called Pho14 where they serve really tasty Pho. For my friend Iris, this was her first time eating Pho and she loved it so much that she wants to learn how to make it herself.

And that sums up the trip, hope you liked reading it! As for our giveaway, the contest is officially closed now. Thanks for all the entries, we really appreciate it. Ella and I will be picking the winners very soon, so look forward to it!

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